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Poker Softwares

Statname – Poker Statistics for Cashgames

Statname is a website that gatters data from online cashgame tables and makes this data available for you. Currently the website has data both for

Poker Softwares

Holdem Resources Calculator – Review

Holdem Resources Calculator is a powerful tool to calculate GTO strategies for preflop in No Limit Holdem. In the beginning this software was only able

Poker Solvers - why to use them
Poker Softwares

Why you need Poker Solvers

What is a Poker Solver? Simply put, a Poker Solver is a Poker Software that uses an algorithm to calculate the best strategy possible for

GTO Wizard Review
Poker Softwares

GTO Wizard: My Honest Review

GTO, or Game Theory Optimal, refers to a strategy (mathematical) designed to make you unexploitable. This means that you are guaranteed to capture the amount

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