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Statname is a website that gatters data from online cashgame tables and makes this data available for you. Currently the website has data both for NLH and PLO games for any stake.

Using statname allows you to have a huge advantage in the online cashgames. Know who is winning and who is loosing, simply by searching is nickname in the websites database.

After this you can also profile these players by play style with the help of all the stats available, prety mutch like an hud(tracking software) but with a lot of data that otherwise you might not have.

stefan11222 - statname graph
Stefan11222 Data on Statname website

Biggest volume players in Statname´s Database:

Another cool feature is that you can see how are the top grinders perfoming in each website. This is very good or you to understand if the website is very profitable or not.

Lets take a look into the biggest volume players from GG poker NL500:

statname top volume players nl500
GG poker biggest volume players

And now lets look into NL400-Nl600 biggest volume grinders on Ipoker:

ipoker nl400-nl600 top volume players - statname data
Ipoker biggest volume players

Looking at this you can understand that Ipoker games are probably most more profitable than GGpoker at the same stakes. In this case we believe that the biggest impact comes from the very diferent rake structures in play.
You also need to understand that this massive volume players at GGpoker are paying a high bb/100 in rake and that they might be profitable after rakeback.
Data allows you to understand the path you wanna follow when planning your grind.

What site are covered by Statname?

  • GGpoker
  • PokerStars
  • Ipoker
  • WPN
  • 888Poker
  • ChicoNetwork

How much does it cost?

Free plan: Access to data up to NL/PLO 25 stakes
NL50 plan: Access to data up to NL/PLO 50 stakes – $10.5/month.
NL100 plan: Access to data up to NL/PLO 100 stakes, – $21.5/month.
NL500+ plan: Access to data at any stakes, all features and tools – $36/month.

Buying a subscription:

You can buy your subscription by going to “My account” on the top of the page and selecting the one you want.

After that you have a few payment methods:

  • Visa
  • USDT
  • BTC
  • Skrill

After the payment you will need to contact Statname team and the best way to do it is to use skype, let them know you came from us by using the code “BRB” and get 10% off in your purchase.

Statname discount code:

Use the code “BRB” when contacting Statname team and you will get 10% off in your purchase!

All Set!
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