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Hand2Note as changed online poker since it´s launch . This powerful tool gave users the capability to study opponents and player pools in a complete different level.

We don’t like to make you loose time, so lets jump into the good part. Hand2Note as a very good HUD, works on almost every poker site or app and has a good support team. But that is not what makes it special.

Hand2Note Range Research features is in my opinion the most powerful tool ever added into a poker tracker. Range Research is a function that allow you to see a pop up of stats populated by the type of players that you choose.
You can create the most normal reg or fish profile and see what differs from one profile to the other. But it also allows you to customize this profiles more, you can set ranges of VPIP, PFR, Limp, Number of hands, etc… For the players you want to group together.

Take a look into how fish players overfold spots to one cbet sizing and over vpip vs another in the image bellow:

3bet pot IP PFC - fish profile H2N
3bet pot IP as Pre Flop Caller – fish pool profile H2N – all positions

One more for free, take a look into this 2BP PFC BXF BB vs SB range construction where the BB after betting de flop vs missed cbet and checking back the turn, overfolds the river by a lot:

H2N grid showing fishes overfold on the river vs a bet. after betting vs missed cbet flop, checking back turn
2bet pot IP as Pre Flop Caller – fish pool profile H2N – mainly BB vs SB

Was this possible before? Yes! You could do this until some extend at PokerTracker 4 and HoldemManager3 but it would take a lot of time and effort for a low amount of results.
In this two software you would need to add to an alias every player that you want to analyze, one by one, searching for their name… Than it was also very hard to take good organized info out of the stats you where seeing. It would involve a lot of extra filters during the analyses. Take a look in what we have to pay about this software’s, here!

If you build or buy the correct popups for H2N that will save you a lot of time filtering, lets take a look into this pop up created by Mobious Poker that you can buy in their website.

Has you could see all spots are organized and divided in a way that allow you to instantly understand the game node represented in the data that you are seeing. This is very different from the other trackers that kind of mess everything together for a lot of spots making it necessary to filter a lot for the user.
In Hand2Note that does not exist, you import your hands(way faster than other tracker), and build your stats. After that you are good to go, no more filtering.

Hand2Note Pros:

  • Player pool stats for regs and fishes at range research
  • Super fast database management.
  • Fully customizable stats and huds.
  • Dinamic hud.

Hand2Note Cons:

  • Needs extra HUD´s or Pop up´s that can cost you extra money.
  • Requires a lot of hands in the databases.
  • It can be a little bit hard to use for first timers.

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