In-depth Intuitive Tables Review: All You Need to Know

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What is a stack and tile poker software?

When playing loads of poker online tables at once you don’t want to lose time placing them at an optimal position all the time! Why Intuitive Tables you can say goodbye to just that! This amazing poker software does that for you. After seting up a layout for your poker session the software puts all the tables right where you want them to be – all at a distance of a click (or shortkey).

Poker tables layout with Intuitive Tables

Setting up the layout for your poker tables is as straightforward as it is quick. All you need to do is to copy one of the pre-made layouts, edit its size and put it at the position you want.

Pro tip: The table number on the layout defines their order. If you take a look at the image below, the first table you have opened will fall under “Table 2” and the last one under the “Table 8” spot.

intuitive tables layout configuration

Betting buttons and Overlays in Intuitive Tables

Not all Poker Softwares are the same, but there is one ting that doesn’t change though…your poker playing. That is why Intuitive Tables allows you to automate a recurrent action using a customizable betting box.

Does Intuitive Tables work with PokerStars?

Well, in short…yes! In fact, Intuitive Tables works with almost all Poker Sites. Let’s take a look at the most popular:

And the list goes on…

Choosing your opening size is just one click away, and there are plenty of options (3betting, 4betting, etc). Regarding sizes, you can choose up to ten, you can also select the websites & apps where you want to use it from the list on the right side of your screen.

intuitive tables bet sizes configuration

With loads of windows and tables open, it’s easy to lose a hand or two. Never lose the action again with the Intuitive Tables overlays. You can set it up to show you the previous action, the SPR, Pot Odds, and table effective stack. It also allows you to mark the players position in the table relative to the button. Keep in mind that these last features will only work on Ignition/Bodog/Bovada as per the time of writing this poker blog post.

intuitive tables overlays configuration

Poker HotKeys making your playing efficient

Take a look at the following image:

hotkeys configuration

As you can see, there are tons of hotkeys to choose from. For me, the fold and bet actions are the icing on cake.

Try it out yourself!

Intuitive Talbes Customer Support

All great Poker Softwares come with a great customer support service, and the same goes with Intuitive Tables.

There’s a Discord group where you can ask questions and even help the community by making suggestions and giving your own prespective.

Pro tip: head over to the Discord group when setting up the software, trust me…it will come in handy!

 discord welcome message

Spilling the tea on the actual prices!

Intutive Tabels offers a 14-day free trial and only after trying it out should you subscribe to a version of your choice. You can do that by simply using our link. If you use our link you will be helping us write more posts that will hopefully help you achieve your poker goals in the long run!

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All Set!
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