Statname – Poker Statistics for Cashgames

statname poker

Statname is a website that gatters data from online cashgame tables and makes this data available for you. Currently the website has data both for NLH and PLO games for any stake. Using statname allows you to have a huge advantage in the online cashgames. Know who is winning and who is loosing, simply by […]

Hand2Note – The most powerful pokertracker in the market!

hand2note range research

Hand2Note as changed online poker since it´s launch . This powerful tool gave users the capability to study opponents and player pools in a complete different level. We don’t like to make you loose time, so lets jump into the good part. Hand2Note as a very good HUD, works on almost every poker site or […]

Holdem Resources Calculator – Review

Holdem Resources Calculator is a powerful tool to calculate GTO strategies for preflop in No Limit Holdem. In the beginning this software was only able to run sims for open shoves and open raises/calling ranges.Nowadays, this powerful software has the same capabilities as any other preflop solver, with some upsides. This Holdem Resources Calculator Review […]

Jurojin Poker – Multitabling Tool Review

Jurojin Poker is the most used Multitabling Tool in poker. Its main features include: Jurojin has become a widely used poker study software as it used to be a free poker tool. However, times have changed and this also changed recently. What poker sites allow you to use Jurojin? Jurojin works with almost all poker […]

Banning HUD´s – a new era in poker

pokertracker replayer

Heads-up-display is a tool that allows the user to have the stats he wich to have pop up on a poker table. There are a lot of softwares capable of doing this as we cover in this article! In the recent years a lot of poker sites have prohibited HUD´s. In this article we take […]

Why you need Poker Solvers

Poker Solvers - why to use them

What is a Poker Solver? Simply put, a Poker Solver is a Poker Software that uses an algorithm to calculate the best strategy possible for a particular range vs range play. With almost any Poker Solvers, you can simulate large numbers of outcomes and find the best call to make in each situation for all […]

GTO Wizard: My Honest Review

GTO Wizard Review

GTO, or Game Theory Optimal, refers to a strategy (mathematical) designed to make you unexploitable. This means that you are guaranteed to capture the amount of EV you have in that spot using that strategy and there is nothing your opponent can do to make you win less… So why implementing a Game Theory Optimal […]